Doctor Pleads Guilty to Ordering Unnecessary Chemotherapy and Billing Medicare

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Dr. Farid Fata, owner of hematology and oncology offices in the Detroit area and in Lapeer, was accused of ordering chemotherapy for patients who didn’t need or couldn’t benefit from the physically taxing cancer treatment.

A doctor accused of putting patients through unnecessary chemotherapy pleaded guilty Tuesday to 13 counts of health care fraud, two counts of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to defraud the U.S., according to court records.

U.S. District Judge Paul D. Borman was scheduled on Tuesday to hear arguments on a motion from Farid Fata’s lawyers seeking to suppress evidence gained from the Oakland County doctor’s email account.

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Windows 9 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Know So Far

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Windows 9. Threshold. Or just plain Windows. Whatever Microsoft ends up calling its next operating system, it’s shaping up to be another big change from the Windows that came before it.

Only this time, Microsoft is looking to mollify its user base—especially in the enterprise—instead of scaring people away. If months of leaks and rumors are accurate, Microsoft will undo some of the most drastic changes in Windows 8, but it will also kick off a major transformation for Windows—one that’s long overdue.

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How Do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages?

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Iraq Kurds Attack ISIS Jihadists, Retake Villages

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Kurdish peshmerga forces mustering to travel to the nearby front lines where they are facing off against Sunni ultra-fundamentalists who have seized Mosul and Tikrit

Kurdish troops launched offensives against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadist group on three fronts in northern Iraq on Tuesday, senior officers told AFP.

Troops struck before dawn against a town on the Syrian border, north of jihadist-controlled second city Mosul, and south of key oil hub Kirkuk, the commanders said.

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Meet the Prison Bankers Who Profit From the Inmates

Originally posted on TIME:

This story was published by The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C.

Pat Taylor doesn’t believe in going into debt. She keeps her bills in a freezer bag under her bed, next to old photo albums, and believes in paying them on time religiously. For Taylor, living within your means is part of being a good Christian.

Lately, Taylor, 64, has felt torn between that commitment and her desire to be a loving, supportive mother for her son Eddie.

Eddie, 38, is serving 20-year prison sentence at Bland Correctional Center for armed robbery. He’s doing his time at a medium-security Virginia state prison located 137 miles northwest of Johnson City, across the dips and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in the heart of Appalachia. The cost of supporting and visiting Eddie keeps going up, so Pat makes trade-offs.

“I would send…

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Your iPhone is Now Encrypted. The FBI Says It’ll Help Kidnappers. Who Do You Believe?

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Apple and Google have finally encrypted your phone data by default. And that’s a bad thing?

iphone xs

Much of the world has been enthralled by the new iPhone 6, but civil liberties advocates have been cheering, too: Along with iOS 8, Apple made some landmark privacy improvements to your devices, which Google matched with its Android platform only hours later. Your smartphone will soon be encrypted by default, and Apple or Google claim they will not be able open it for anyone – law enforcement, the FBI and possibly the NSA – even if they wanted to.

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9 Ways the Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover Was a Blight on Humanity

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Look. Nobody was expecting the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover that aired last night to be any good. For one thing, it was technically an episode of Family Guy, and whatever spirit or creativity that show had was long ago wrung dry. For another, when was the last time you saw a crossover event that was anything other than a cheap cash-in? The odds were against this from the first.

But still. What could be expected here was mostly just a weird mediocrity, a blip of a footnote in both shows’ histories. What nobody could have expected was a blight on humanity itself. But that’s what we got.

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